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Paybills for Aspatria, Baggrow and Mealsgate Railway Staff

As you will see from the fortnightly paybills at Aspatria in 1898 there was a Station Master, 3 clerks two signalman and a relief, 2 porters and a relief plus the charwoman who for two weeks work were paid 19 and 16 Shilling in total.

CLICK HERE for Aspatria paybill from 1898

At Baggrow in 1893 there was just the Station Master Mr Routledge who was paid 1 and 12 shilling a fortnight.

CLICK HERE for Baggrow paybill from 1893

At Mealsgate in 1906 there was the Station Master 1 clerk, 3 signalmen who covered Mealsgate and Allhallows and Mr Hodgson who was the Station Master at High Blaithwaite. Mr Mitchell also got some overtime for doing an excursion and a cattle special. Total paid for two weeks 10 and 16 shilling.

CLICK HERE for Mealsgate paybill from 1906

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