Caledonian Railway Appendix 1915

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Solway Junction Railway - Caledonian Railway Appendix 1915

Caledonian Railway Appendix 1st May 1915

By kind permission of John Charters Railway Historian

Corsehill Quarry - Traffic for this siding must only be worked by trains proceeding in the direction of Annan.

Shawhill Junction Sidings - The sidings may be worked by trains proceeding in either direction. Trains having work to perform at the sidings must be signalled under Train Tablet Regulation No 8. When there are wagons at Shawhill sidings to be lifted for Annan, an engine from Annan may be used for the purpose of bringing them to that station. The engine when going forward under this arrangement may take wagons for the sidings should that be neccessary, but in going or returning the engine must be on the Brayton end of the wagons. In such cases, Tablet Regulation 8, Clauses (c) and (d), will apply. Annan stationmaster must accompany the engine and must see that the main line is clear after work is completed. The signal man at Annan must take care that all wagons are left clear in the siding before the engine leaves, and that the points are set for the siding before the engine returns. Shawhill sidings must not be worked in the special manner described, after dark or during falling snow or fog.

Tool Van - When it is neccessary to have the Tool Van sent from Carlisle to the Solway Junction Railway, via the Maryport & Carlisle Railway, the traffic manager of the M&C at Maryport, must be telegraphed to at the same time, advising the locomotive foreman at Carlisle what is required.

Weight of engines & Plant running over Solway Viaduct - The Solway Viaduct is only intended for the running of vehicles not bringing on any one span more than 1 tons per linear foot, and the Locomotive and other officers of the company will keep this in view in working engines and other plant over the viaduct. June 1984

Speed restrictions on Solway Junction Line 1st May 1915 - Annan to Brayton over Solway Viaduct 10mph. Kirtlebridge distant signal to Kirtlebridge Station 5mph.

Attaching & Detaching Vehicles - Rule 181 - Before the engine is detached from the train at any of the following places, the brakeman in charge of the train must put the van brake hard on, and see that a sufficient number of wagon brakes is pinned down, and one more pegs placed in the wheels of the wagons, in accordance with this rule, so as to prevent the wagon from moving away.

  • Kirtlebridge Junction - Gradient 1 in 300 falling towards Carstairs
  • Corsehill Quarry - Gradient 1 in 90 falling towards Annan
  • Annan - Gradient 1 in 370 falling towards Bowness
  • Abbey Junction - Gradient 1 in 210 falling towards Whitrigg
  • Bromfield - Gradient 1 in 233 falling towards Abbey Junction

Sidings worked under Special Regulations

  • Abbey Junction - Sidings 208 yards soth from Signal Box, leading to goods yard and south end of loop siding. FRame controlled by rod lock from the signal box.
  • Bromfield - South end of station leading to goods yard. Worked by frame which is contolled by the train tablet for the section Abbey Junction and Brayton.
  • Corsehill Quarry - Leading to East and West Sidings. Worked by frame which is controlled by train tablet for the section Annan & Kirtlebridge Junction (see special instructions).
  • Kirkbride Junction - North of signal box, leading to north end of loop siding. Controlled by rod from signal box.
  • Whitrigg - North of station leading to or from goods siding. Worked by the frame which is controlled by train tablet for the section Bowness and Kirkbride Junction.

Examination and collection of tickets - Trains from Annan to Kirtlebridge examined and collected at Annan. Trains from Brayton to Kirtlebridge examined at Brayton and collected at respective stations. Trains from Kirtlebridge to Annan examined at Kirtlebridge and collected at Annan.

Engine Turntables - Brayton 42 foot and Kirtlebridge 42 foot.

Water supply for Engines - Bowness 1 at each end of platform. Brayton 1 in turntable road. Kirtlebridge 1 in turntable road.

List of Signal Boxes

  • Kirtkebridge Junction - Always open.
  • Corsehill Quarry Siding - Open only when traffic requires it and worked by porter from Annan.
  • Annan Station - Open 3.50am to 9.20pm
  • Shawhill Junction - Open only when traffic requires and worked by porter from Annan.
  • Bowness - Open 4am to 8.30pm
  • Kirkbride Junction - Open 4.30am to 9.40pm
  • Abbey Junction - Open 4.45am to 9.40pm
  • Brayton Junction - Open 5am to 7.30pm
  • Whitrigg Level Crossing - The Gates at this crossing are closed accross the railway (open to road) from 8.30pm on Saturdays to 10pm on Sundays.

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